Bigger E-Commerce Trends in 2018

E-commerce is the current shopping preference. People are more than happy to sit at their home and do shopping at their comfort and preference. Almost all items are available in online shopping websites. Clothes, electronic gadgets, mobile phones and etc are available online.

E-commerce has reached a point in everyone’s life where numerous commodity specific sites have also been developed and have become a huge hit with the consumers. The most important reason for e-commerce becoming such a huge success is the way in which it operates. The user-friendly options, and the return policy are the stands out features of this online shopping.

Now let us see the two important divisions of e-commerce:

  • Business to business (b2b)
  • Business to consumer (b2c)

The business to business e-commerce involves two companies and does not involve the end customer. Mostly raw materials are sold in this type of business to business type of transactions. The business to consumer e-commerce involves both the end consumer as well as the company that sells the finished product.

The type of purchases that we do on a daily basis is the business of consumer kind of transaction. Now the fact is, E-commerce is here to stay and is slowly dominating the original style of shopping.

There are a few exceptional factors that are responsible for the steady growth of the e-commerce business and will further do so in the coming days.

We will now see the trends of e-commerce that is going to make it even more successful in the coming years.

  • Tech-Savvy People

Everybody is online most of the time today. Thanks to the mobile phones that make us hooked online forever. Shopping through the applications or the apps has made the shopping experience even more accessible and easy. No one needs to sit in front of a laptop or a system to browse the shopping sites. Everything is available at the click of a button right on phone screens. This has led to a massive growth in the e-commerce industry. This trend is sure to stay and is about to get even better in the coming years!

  • Social Media

The ads that we see on our social media pages has made an increase in online shopping by more than 40%, according to a recent survey statistics report. People virtually live on Facebook and Twitter, when advertisements appear we tend to click it and eventually land up on the shopping site. This is the recent marketing strategy that is being carried out by all the e-commerce sites.

  • Support and Reach

The online purchases have given the people lot more choices to explore and choose from. Also, when there is an issue being faced by the consumers voicing the grievance in a public forum or on the company official twitter page gets more attention than directly speaking to the customer support executives. The’ #’ is the weapon that people use widely! E-commerce companies also look into the issue and grievances as they fear that they might lose their hard-earned reputation and customers!

  • Opportunity for Growth

The steady boom in the e-commerce business has encouraged many people to take up self-employment and other such business options. People associate themselves as sellers with the e-commerce giants and start doing business. This has led to a good increase in the employment scenario. Re-sellers also come into play with the same principle. This trend also again will improve drastically for sure In the near future.

  • Faster and Smart

People have a conclusion that online shopping is the fastest and smartest way of shopping. Rather than standing for long hours and shopping, buying the products within minutes has taken everyone by awe!

  • Personalization

Everybody likes a little attention now and then; the e-commerce business has built its business by keeping this as its main factor. Thanks to the use of technology, the e-commerce company is able to gather information about our shopping preferences and they promote the same nature of the products to us. This trend is surely a welcome change and is for sure going to continue for a long time!

After the e-commerce has entered the market shopping has become a fun activity for people and they shop based on their brand preferred. The never sale and discounts on the e-commerce websites always win and people buy products, even when there is no specific need or necessity.

E-commerce is a boon for people who are not able to travel long distances or are geographically put up in remote locations. The e-commerce companies deliver the shipments to almost everywhere! The above trends are the strengths of all the e-commerce giants in the market whose rise will be more in coming years and in the years more to come!!

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