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What is “vector clipart”?

Vector file format is a means of storing graphic data, permitting to scale image to any size without losing quality. Its most popular formats include – EPS, AI, CRD, SVG.

How and where are vector images being used, and why are they in demand?

Vector clipart in EPS format is mostly used by graphic designers in their work. This saves them the considerable amount of time, as making those illustrations manually could sometimes take a whole day of work. Purchasing such image for a few dollars permits the designer to quickly fulfill the contract, with his paycheck being much more sizeable – all the while keeping the said contract completion time to a minimum.

For many other clients the image-making is not related to their primary occupation, for example – printing or blogging. With that in mind, buying an image for them is way cheaper, than ordering it from a professional graphic designer.

With the advent of cross-platform websites and applications, the SVG vector format became quite widespread in its use on web pages, as it can be displayed on any devices with any screen sizes without losing any quality at all.

Also, files in vector formats are used in cutting plotters, merchandising, in printing companies, for making blueprints and in many other activities as well.

How to work with vector formats?

For working with vector graphics one requires a special editing software. The most common choices here include Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Xara Xtreme and CorelDraw; also of note is the Inkscape – completely free and open-source vector editing suite.

About RFclipart

RFclipart – is a specialized vector-only stock image agency. Founded in the 2010 as a means to connect the content providers with people ready to pay for vector images, today RFclipart works with over 136 countries, with images made by hundreds of authors.

Vector clipart, backgrounds and icons are offered in the EPS format.

We offer vector clipart for sale both as single-file downloads (in case a customer requires only one file) as well as adding account funds to a virtual wallet, in a situation where customer requires images on a regular basis.

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