Stunning Medical Branding & Healthcare Logos for Inspiration

Building a successful brand in the medical industry is a complex process that involves everything from your writing to your web site. With a strong brand, you will enjoy word of mouth promotion and lasting loyalty that goes beyond the success of any one marketing campaign.

In this post, we’ve put together the perfect dose of medical and doctor logo designs for you. Enjoy!

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 Stunning Medical Branding Designs 

Belleza Permanente Beauty Clinic by Matias

Dr. David Arevalo by Menta Picante

Provumex by Menta Picante

Oil of Myrr by Sebastian Bednarek & Peter Krone

Hospital de Braga by Rui Granjo

Tigermed Therapy by Platea Studio

Urban Medicine Clinic Identity by byHAUS Studio

Bunda Hospital Rebranding Project by Dreambox Brabding Consultant

Medical Clininc Identity by Inna Vinchenko

Maternity Hospital 10 by Goryanin Brothers

Yitu Healthcare by See Visual

Hospital of Kezdivasarhely by Hunap Studio

Medicena by Ahmed Alsayeh

NationWide by Happy

Medical Practice

Karauli Diagnostics by Jaikishan Patel

Presence Healthcare by Minjoo Kim

Aster Medcity by NH1 Design

The Birthplace by NH1 Design

Regence Healthcare by Fatima Kassir

Clinic Aivla by Florian Anderhub

 Healthcare Logos for Inspiration 

Kubo Logo by Jeroen avn Eerden

Home Care by Alfrey Davilla | Vaneltia

Home Doctor by Alfrey Davilla | Vaneltia

Checkup at Home by Alfrey Davilla | Vaneltia

Diagnostic Dental LAB Logo by Vadim Carazan

Heart / Health / Connectivity Logo Design by Deividas Bielskis

Physiotherapie Valve by Madelein Araya

Checkup – Medical App Logo by Aditya

Hope Cancer Care by Maskon Brands

Senior Home Care Logo by Stefan Kitanovic

Clinique Objectif Mieux Vivre – Logo by La Biscornue

Mediq by STRAK

Medical Logo by Casign

Senyo Wellness Logo by Duminda Perera

Doctor Idea by Nasir iqbal

My PostOp Care (Alt Proposed Logo) by Crisy Meschieri

Health.Finance Logo by Proxima Agency

Health Mate – Foot Care Logomark by Amrit Pal Singh

Aria by Brandits

Konstancin Clinic by Maciej Sznitowski

TriTown Health Logo by Mark Battle

Healthcare Research Platform Identity by Tim Nooteboom

Robin’s Home Care Logo Variations by Andrea Fairservice

MA Hospitalar Logo by INDUSTRIA HED

Dental Logo by Tomas Kraus

Based by Kakha Kakhadzen

Municipal Hospital of Kezdivasarhely by hunap_studio

Cartoon Rebrand | St. Gloopy Noops by Tyler Fortune

Case Study Crm Medicine Logo by Nicolas Kayser

Logo for Cardiac Hospital by Saikiran Tati


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