Web Design Trends for 2018 – Let’s Look at the Future

What’s trending in web design for 2018? All web designers search inspiration to offer something more unique, never used before and sometimes they took to the hard stone, but after hard work and a lot of research they found the solution to create a dream web design.

So, today i want to look at the future. By visiting thousands of websites i have a vision and feeling what’s going on, which design elements will be the next trend of web design. In this post i will going to make a simplisity in the understanding language, not only for professionals, but also for a newbie. So, let’s go to the main aspects to know who is trending for now and new year.

  • Responsive is the core of web design

Responsive web design long years don’t lost it’s popularity and in the future will be more important, because we use many different sizes of screens. The web design must be perfect on both, small and big devices like mobile phone and 27″ inch iMac. The sizes in the perspective will change and now we can see, that mobile internet are more and more popular between young generation.

As name suggest, mobile-first design is the proces web designing for mobile (or smallest screened devices) first, then working up to the bigger ones. This trend can never end, so you (as designer) will be more sucessful by building web design responsive.

 Our Prediction:  Mobile first isn’t a new concept, but i anticipate seeing more sites over the coming year which take a more thoughtful approach in delivering their content to smaller screens, rather mobile design being a tacked-off after-thought to the desktop build.

  • Intuitive Infinite Scrolling

This design function has a pros and cons, but i bring this solution to the 2nd place, because my intuition show, that it will be a cool thing for the next level of the web designing, especially for a sites who have a huge content like (dribbble or behance). These super brands show, that infinite scrolling isn’t a bad characteristic. By clicking on the image opens a new window and by closing it you will stay in the same place of search the content, so you can go deeply and don’t need to search from the begining. Of course we have a bad examples who have this function and are not friendly for the customer, when you scrolling down by clicking the image and going back you must search again from the top.

I didn’t tell, that number feature is bad and outdated, but by improving more the infinite scrolling, it can be a better solution.

Grid and List layouts will be trending for 2018, but Masonry layout goes out step by step from the context.

 Our Prediction:  A quick loading website is what the site users value the most these days. People do not want to click on the individual pages and wait for them to load. This is especially important for the e-commerce sites with a huge inventory of products. Infinite scrolling technique is ideally suited for such sites. For instance, if your website offers 300 types of watches, rather than showcasing them on 5 distinct pages, it is wiser to set up an infinite scroll. As the customer scrolls down, the results from next page will automatically load on the current page & begin to show.

  • Fast Opening Skyrocketing! and Loading Spinners will be Just for Remembering

The future are prompt, the internet speeed shoots up, so fast opening of the site is necessary. The loading spinners are no longer needed. They keep people waiting, but when the spinner runs long the customer just close the site. That’s not a perfect idea, the site must open immediately. It is more important as other things of the web designing.

  • Clean and Modern Layout

As we see in the previous steps the site must be responsive, but also need to look at the details, how not to fill the site with unnecessary specialities? Everything in layout should be in own places. Menu horizontal or vertical is still trending, more details you can hidding with the hamburger icon where by clicking on it shows more information or links. Text to fill as small as you can, but the lettering must be BIG and Bold. The menu letters going to be enough in size to read without glasses 🙂

A Lot of space and again more space. As a web designer you should take attention to the style of the category list at the sidebar. The category list as secondary menu with bright text and counter of the pages.

 Our Prediction:  Clean and modern techniques in web design are serious. Do not make the site empty, but keep the designing more simple and intuitive with not more as 3 different colors, illustrations or nice big images.

  • Use of Drop Shadows and Long Shadows

Now, drop shadows aren’t new. They’re not new to graphic design, web design, or even UI design in general. So, why include them here? The shadows in the future designs will be playing an important role.

Some trends may be apparently obvious and altogether new, whereas others, like the long-standing drop shadow, are continually refined and developed over time until new and exciting variations arise.

For example – using shadows as hover-states to indicate a link isn’t a new idea, but what is interesting is how designers and brands are building on these long-established norms to create new and exciting variations. Images can become a more stylish with the light shadow under and with a hover on it will create animation which a great addition for web design. Long Shadows can be perfectly used for a login or payment boxes, they fit very well and looks modern.

 Our Prediction:  The shadowed design looks simpler, spacious and has less distraction. It lets you focus on the content, which is the thing that matters most to users. I wonder what will come after this trend?

  • Transparent, Vertical and Hamburger Menu

The menu of the site playing huge role. More visible menu are urgently required. The transparent menu right now is popular between web designers and vertical menu going viral. Vertical menu takes not so much place and not hidding the main content of the site like text, illustration or background.

Modern websites has the availability to hidden the menu at all with the hamburger icon. It is the trend and minimalism are always modern. Hamburger menu icon are best when you can play around like click on it, then the sign collapses to a single line and then transforms into an X mark.

 Our Prediction:  The hamburger is ever-present and indicates that there are important items just within reach that can enhance your current browsing experience. That’s the key, determining if the hamburger is truly enhancing your user experience.

  • Courageous Colors

The use of bolder colors in web design is helpful in attracting the attention of users, but it’s also a significant of not to break the design at all. How to determine which colors to choice for your project? The answer is just to use of the approved palettes of color combinations. Here some good stuff for taking in mind the color things: http://mooxidesign.com/55-best-color-tools-and-articles-for-designers/

Designers have a deal with thousands of color combinations. You must feel what your eyes like. The future colors are bright, light patterns, watercolor in the design is very attractive. Don’t use a lot of colors. Dark and rainbow web design is outdated. Blue color the common in the web design and keep the highest position for decades.

  • The Slideshow, Carousel and Video Backgrounds

From this threee variations i will pickup slideshow and carousel. They don’t disturb the user as video backgrounds, which break the loading for the small internet speed users. Still is not this moment to use video in the design. For this need to wait some years and maybe the situation gets better.

  • Authentic Photography

The big one – photography. Photography will always be a main-stay within web design and design in general, but as mentioned before, people desire authenticity from the brands they use and they know a canned, stock photo when they see one.

Brands and designers will now be thinking more carefully about the imagery they use on site, hiring professional photographers to take their shots which frame them in the way they want to be seen. Unfortunately, it’ll probably be a long time before much of the cheesy and cringe-inducing stock photography completely disappears, but expect to see it start falling off a little more quickly next year.

Huge photos and top quality now are mandatory. Think twice about the reputation of your self by creating web design for a client, keep great, outstanding quality, this is the core for your business and salary.

 Our Prediction:  We anticipate seeing brands finding innovative ways to make their mark, using photography, video, illustration and typography to really build their own aesthetic online. Unique, carefully-considered is the name of the game here!


It is not the end and i can’t predict what can be changed in 2018, but with the empathy i can say, that the web design in the future must have a lot of changes. Be ready to go forward with your boundless ideas. Have a nice time 🙂

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