What’s Hot & New for Designers / December, 2015

We just release our latest review about the hottest and newest things for designers released in December, 2015. We’ve included lots of marketing resources, startup resources, educational tools, email tools, image resources, icons, CMSs, CSS resources, and much more.

Almost everything on the list this month is free, with a few high-value paid apps and tools also included. They’re sure to be useful to designers and developers, from beginners to experts.

If we’ve missed something that you think should have been on the list, let us know in the comments. And if you know of a new app or resource that should be featured next month then write an email to us.

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Notablist lets you search through over 5 million email newsletter campaigns from over 400,000 publishers. You can see trends, daily digests, and more.

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Iconcrafts has a huge icon library that allows you to select only the icons you need (in both stroke and fill versions). Just add the icons, pick a background (or not), customize, and download.

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Stock Up


Stock Up gives you access to more than 9,000 free stock photos from 26 different websites in one place, with one search.

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Engagemaster lets you convert your visitors to customers through tracking, interacting, and reacting. It includes intelligent campaign targeting, personal engagement tools, and more.

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Smartcasual makes it much easier to network with other creative pros. It includes LinkedIn integrated profiles, a community of professionals, and more.

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Trello Tasks


Trello Tasks, for Google Chrome, lets you add one simple feature to Trello: checkboxes! This turns Trello into a much more effective tasklist.

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Kong is easy, free ecommerce software for creating a professional online store. It’s easy to customize, with flexible themes, and is 100% mobile ready.

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Nova Icons


Nova Icons are a set of 350 free Material Design-style icons. They’re perfect for a variety of mobile apps, websites, and even desktop apps.

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Seeby is a startup marketing assistant. It helps with finding leads, tweeting relevant content, proofreading emails, and tons of other marketing tasks startups can have trouble managing.

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EasyRedir makes it easy to manage your URL redirects. It allows you to use marketing domains to then forward visitors to more deeply nested pages on your main site, lets you maximize your SEO, protect your brand identity, and more.

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HTML to WordPress


HTML to WordPress makes it easy to convert an HTML website design into a WordPress theme. Just locate the folder you want to convert, drop it onto the website, and it will convert it for just $9/page.

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Zenhub for Firefox


ZenHub for Firefox makes it easy to manage your ZenHub project management from Firefox. It includes task boards, to-do lists, burndown charts, and more.

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Cast is your one-stop-shop for recording, editing, publishing, and hosting your podcast. It includes a studio for recording, an editor for perfecting it, and a publisher for making it available (with hosting and analytics at no extra charge).

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Teamwave is a unified platform for collaboration, sales, marketing, and support. It includes project management, time tracking, contact management, reports, marketing automation, and more.

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Torch is an AI platform for automating and growing your business. It includes a website builder, SEO, smart shopping cart, email marketing, inventory management, file storage, CRM, and analytics, among other features.

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Color Palette Manager


The Color Palette Manager, from CoffeeCup, makes it easy to create, manage, and share all of your color palettes across apps and projects.

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Azendoo is a Subject Calendar that lets you organize, visualize, and manage your team’s tasks. It integrates with a variety of apps, including Salesforce, HubSpot, MailChimp, GitHub, and many others.

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Layers CSS


Layers CSS is a style-agnostic, unobtrusive CSS framework aimed for practical use cases. It was a small footprint, sensible defaults, progressively enhanced columns, and more.

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BatchedInbox lets you schedule when your emails are delivered in Gmail. It lets you save time by scheduling emails around your workflow, and end distractions from emails coming in at random intervals.

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CodeCode Ninja


CodeCode Ninja are flashcards for programmers. They’re interactive and include syntax highlighting and more.

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Dewdrop.io lets you send files in real-time for free. Just drag and drop a file to share it with anyone.

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Unslider is a simple jQuery slider. It comes with a variety of standard configurations, including an automatic slider, vertical slider, fade animations, and more.

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ResponsifyJS lets you add responsive images to your layout that adapt in real-time.

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Fyuse 3.0 is an app for taking 3D photos. It’s easy to use and works on iOS and Android.

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Figma is a collaborative interface design tool. It lets you do your design work online, with simultaneous editing, version control, and cross-platform support.

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Onion Omega


The Onion Omega is an invention platform for the internet of things. It’s wi-fi enabled and supports Python, Node.JS, and other popular languages.

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Avalanche is a super clean, Sass-based CSS grid system. It’s powerful and responsive, with real-world breakpoints and a flexible, easy naming convention.

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Gridlex is a simple CSS grid system for quickly creating modern layouts. It’s based on Flexbox, and includes Less and Sass files.

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DoneDone is a simple, effective issue tracker. It includes tools for everything from planning to testing.

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Flexbox Froggy


Flexbox Froggy is an awesome, fun way to learn about CSS’s Flexbox properties. There are 24 lessons in all, with increasing difficulty in each one.

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What Web Can Do Today


What Web Can Do Today is a quick reference for the types of features that are available in your current browser on a given day. It shows support for things like Bluetooth, offline storage, ambient light, foreground detection, battery status, and more.

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Jump.js is a dependency-free smooth scrolling library. It’s small and modern, easy to install, and completely open source.

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Uideo has over 470 video talks for designers from 63 UX/UI conferences around the world. There are videos from Mike Monteiro, Brad Frost, Sarah Parmenter, Gary Vaynerchuk, and nearly 400 others.

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Case Study Club


Case Study Club curates case studies from a variety of sources, for building tons of different kinds of products. There are case studies for UI, UX, branding, and more.

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Freelnace Rate Explorer


The Freelance Rate Explorer from Bonsai lets you see what the average hourly rates are for both designers and developers. You can filter based on skills, experience, and location.

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